High profile shootings and the rise of far-right and white nationalist movements in the past decade have shown what autistic activists have known for a long time: in your community, autistic people are targeted by fascists. We are targeted with violence against us and autistic people, especially youth, are targeted for recruitment in fascist organizations. While autism is almost never named directly, autistic people are often invoked by researchers, reporters, and others in discussions about online fascism.

When researchers are asked about autistic involvement in the alternative right or other white nationalist movements, they often resort to stereotyping and blaming an autistic pathology for the existence of autistic fascists. This type of stereotyping is baseless, unscientific, and comes from a perspective that does not consult the autistic people ourselves. These answers also fail to fully consider the role of ableism and eugenics in white nationalist ideologies and online anti-autistic hate speech by these white nationalists, both autistic and non-autistic.

Autism Against Fascism is here to set the record straight by studying, identifying, and exposing these fascist creeps recruiting autistic people into these anti-autistic, white nationalist groups. Autism Against Fascism is entirely volunteer and autistic run.

Nothing about us without us!

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