Some autistic people are joining fascist groups. Some autistic people are doing violent things for fascist movements and groups. There have been many well known cases of this. Autism Against Fascism is an organization run by autistic people. We research these problems and we work to stop them.

Autism Against Fascism comes from both the self advocacy movement and anti-fascism. We write in the plain language format. This is to make sure what we write is accessible to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Many researchers think that something is wrong with autistic people. They think that is why autistic people join fascist groups. We know that most autistic people are not fascists. And we know that many autistic people are against fascism, like us. Saying that autism is the problem is not supported by research. It is not scientific. It is stereotyping.

We do not try to find what symptoms of autism “explain” autistic people joining fascist groups. We research other things. For example, we research how fascists interact with autistic people and the autism community.

Autism Against Fascism believes in the self advocacy principle “nothing about us without us.” People researching autistic people in fascist movements need to include autistic people in that research. Research on autistic people in fascist movements should be led by autistic people.

Autism Against Fascism has a six main goals.

  • Understand how and why autistic people join fascist movements
  • Explain these problems in plain language
  • Give advice to self advocates on stopping “fascist creep.” This includes autistic self advocates. It also includes self advocates with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities other than autism
  • Give advice to researchers on studying these problems
  • Give advice to people that work with autistic people, such as educators
  • Give advice to parents of autistic people   

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